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Our toolkit provides you with a wealth of information, including designs, policies and procedures, programme evaluation, and more, so you can focus making your game as fun as possible for your players

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Creative Specification 

Drive discovery of your games at scale with Nostra! Our extensive library of assets and guidelines makes it simple to bring your games to life.  Our expert recommendations and promotional materials will help you in driving discovery and engagement for your games. Download now and start your journey to unlock your game on Nostra.

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Integration ToolKit

Our comprehensive toolkit includes all the necessary steps to create monetisation integrations seamlessly in your games. We have everything you need from pre-integration tasks, to integration steps to MLib codes and testing parameters. Our toolkit is easy and user-friendly to help you get started. Download now and start driving monetisation in your games from Day 1.

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Featured Case Studies

Defend The Tank
Heros & Tanks

Learn how Nostra helped Defend the Tank grow 4X in just 3 months.

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Bablah Jungle Hop
Bablah: Jungle Hop

How Banzan Studios Made the World ‘Hop’ with Nostra’s Global Reach.

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Featured Reports

Monetization Library (MLib)
                    Game Integration Guide
Gaming Report - Mid-year 2022 

Learn how 65 Million gamers in India and Indonesia are enjoying a new wave of gaming on a single platform from discovery to streaming experiences. 

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Nostra gaming trends report 2023
Nostra Gaming Trends Report 2023

The gaming universe on Glance has grown to reach over 200 million vibrant customers. Games, gamers, gaming behaviour, developer testimonials, consumer connections, future of gaming platforms - download the Nostra report to know more !

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