How to Publish Games on Nostra? Read Important Info

Monetize your game on Nostra and understand why mobile lock screen gamings hits different with Nostra

Established in 2019, Nostra owned by Glance has come a long way in the world of the Android-based gaming industry. Nostra has completed four successful years and it is getting better with age. With more than 25 million active users (monthly) and 1000 types of games on its platform; Nostra is all set ready to lead the gaming market of the US by the end of the next year after emerging as an undisputable king in the gaming industry of India and Southeast Asia. Amid the massive rise and progress of the Nostra as a gaming platform, many giant gaming developers and studios want to publish and monetize their games on Nostra.

If you are a gaming developer or a programmer and want to make your game available for millions of passionate gamers all across the world then take a minute to read this article. This article will go over the process of launching and monetization of your game on Nostra.

So, as we always do, let’s start with the basics to ensure no doubt is left in your mind. Before you learn how I can monetize my game on Nostra, it is worthwhile to understand why you should choose Nostra to publish and monetize your next game. Here we go.

Why choose Nostra as a platform for your game

Nostra is not like any other ordinary platform where you can just publish a game and wait to see how things turn out. With more than 75 million users spread all across the Southeast Asia and Indian continents, Nostra is best known for providing entertainment, information, and gaming applications directly on the phone lock screen. It means, Nostra personalizes the phone lock screen and lets the users get access to the tones of data even without unlocking their device using a code, fingerprints, or drawing a pattern. This exclusive feature of Nostra has helped it to secure a place in many big brands of smartphone phones such as MI, Realme, Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi, and Oppo. The idea of publishing a game on Nostra means getting:

  • Millions of gamers from more than 15 countries (Southeast Asian countries).
  • Promotional opportunities to target a very large audience for your game.
  • User-friendly and safe interface on big brands of Android-based smartphones.
  • Simple, easy, and transparent monetization terms.
  • Access to comprehensive tools to track and regulate the performance of your game.
  • Direct access to more than 200 million active users (monthly as expected) at the global level by the end of 2024.

How to publish games on Nostra?

 So, you have designed and developed a game that you think can go viral if launched. In such a case, believe me, no other platform could be better than Nostra. Hundreds of developers have benefitted from their amazing games on a first-of-its-kind smartphone lock screen platform. Your game can also be the next viral game in the world. The process to publish your game on Nostra requires you to contact the team. You can reach them at Or fill up the contact form on the website. The in-house developers’ team can run any or all the following tests on your game to check the performance and quality of the game. 

  • Functionality test to check the stability, compatibility, and audio-visual issues.
  • Combinatorial testing to ensure everything is fine with gameplay options, characters, events, and settings. 
  • Ad hoc testing to identify the destructive path if there is any left in the game program. 
  • Compatibility and play testing to confirm your game is supported by all devices that work with Nostra. 
  • Cleanroom and localization testing also could be done if required to ensure the best user experience. 


Note: It is important to clear all the tests for your game to get published on the Nostra phone lock screen platform. Only after the successful completion of all the tests, your game could be published and monetized on Nostra. 

How do I monetize my game on Nostra?

Here comes the most important part of the topic – how do I monetize my game on Nostra? Well, Nostra understands the value of hard work and the efforts that a developer puts into the development of an exciting game. Hence, they let the developers monetize their game with ease of mind if all the requirements are met successfully. Generally, the monetization process depends upon the type of game and the audience you are aiming to target. For example, monetization of the game on Nostra often means showing shopping ads or lead generation for third parties. The in-house purchase app model is also available on Nostra. For more information, you can contact the sales team of Nostra at or navigate through the official website of the company. In short, all round-success of your game is for sure with Nostra by Glance phone lock gaming platform.