Top gaming company in India

Monetize your game on Nostra and understand why mobile lock screen gamings hits different with Nostra

Top gaming company in India Nostra is set to debut its innovative mobile game discovery platform globally, and it will be accessible to game developers around the globe. Based in Singapore and San Francisco, Nostra has become one of Asia's largest game discovery platforms, with 25 million live stream viewers and over 90 million monthly active users, mostly in India and Southeast Asia. It facilitates game discovery, play, viewing, and competition for gamers. And it accomplishes this by using Glance to enable gameplay on lock screens. Additionally, it makes live streaming easier.

To help game developers and studios worldwide realize the full potential of their creations and promote organic engagement at scale, it is now growing internationally and opening its platform to them

Nostra launches a platform for discovering Mobile Games globally

At present, Nostra has roughly five hundred games. With a few Android games mixed in, the majority are HTML5 games that use little bandwidth. The company wants to significantly increase its selection of Android games in the next 12 to 18 months. Match-3 games, puzzle games, and hyper casual games are all quite popular. Currently, Nostra has roughly thirty game studios, most in Asia.

Alternatively, you can swipe to open the game. You can play a game on your lock screen informally. When an opponent takes a turn, you will be prompted to move in Scrabble. Nostra plans to launch on game folders, home screens, browsers, and other platforms. It is also developing its application.

Furthermore, players no longer require sophisticated hardware to stream top-notch games directly to mobile cell phones, thanks to new cloud gaming services.

Nostra offers the first Smart lock Screen platform and engaging gaming experience

Nostra's gaming skills are further enhanced by its cooperation with Glance, the world's first smart lock screen platform. Glance, accessible on about 430 million Android phones and other smart surfaces, offers personalized content recommendations and live experiences. Nostra powers gaming on Glance, giving players throughout Asia a smooth and engaging gaming experience.

The prominent casual game creator Voodoo SAS, based in France, has been welcomed to the Nostra platform. Voodoo is set to provide gamers with rich gaming experiences on smart surfaces such as smartphone lock screens. Through this partnership, Voodoo will have access to Nostra's enormous user base, especially in Southeast Asia and India, two of the biggest gaming markets in the world.

After joining Nostra, Voodoo SAS will have access to a platform that is almost ten times more engaging and accessible than standard app download models. This platform delivers game discovery, engagement, retention, and new revenue streams that were never before possible.

Nostra provides a wide range of gaming experiences that can turn inexperienced players into ardent followers. Thanks to Nostra's integration with the Glance Lock Screen, developers now have an extensive and high-frequency touchpoint to reach new audiences at scale.

Nostra is home to one-fifth of India's mobile gamers

Almost one-fifth of Indian mobile gamers already play on Nostra, one of the biggest free-to-play gaming platforms in Southeast Asia and India. Approximately 82 million players use Nostra every month, which accounts for one-fifth of all mobile gamers in India (~430 million), according to the Nostra Gaming Trends Report 2023. Between January and June 2023, Nostra saw a 30% increase in its user base.

With an average user spending at least 20 minutes daily on the site, Nostra saw a 1.5x increase in the number of games played per session. E-sports, live-streamed video games, and game streaming were major contributors to Nostra's success. The platform showed three times the growth in daily active users for LIVE broadcasting of gaming tournaments (E-sports) and three times the increase in users' game streaming time. The games housed on Nostra's platform are accessible on Glance, one of the world's top smart lock screen platforms that offers LIVE experiences and personalized content suggestions to over 230 million active users in India and Southeast Asia, making Nostra's distribution approach unique.

Users can explore, play, watch, study, and compete through a rich array of gaming experiences, such as immediate, online, live, and gaming tournaments, by visiting Nostra, a single site offering diverse free-to-play games. With the help of its AI-powered discovery function and its creative distribution approach via the Glance smart lock screen and other smart surfaces, Nostra is creating the largest free-to-play gaming platform in the world. Millions of users throughout Asia have responded enthusiastically to the seamless discovery, the wide range of rich gaming experiences, and the ability to simply explore and interact with engaging games on the Lock Screen without having to unlock.

They eagerly engage in live streaming to pick up tips from experienced streamers. "Achievers," or people in the 25–34 age range, find a balance between casual interaction during the week and heavy gaming on the weekends. They enjoy competitive leaderboards between games, multiplayer experiences, and tournaments where they play against their record scores. The final category is "Brainiacs," which comprises gamers who are 35 years of age and older and are motivated by a need for mental challenge. Of them, about sixty-six per cent spend over an hour playing different types of quick puzzle games daily.


Nostra wants to create a unique, entertainment-focused gaming platform and contribute to the wider gaming community. It offers users fun, easy ways to learn, play, watch, and compete through various gaming experiences (live, online, immediate, and tournaments) that appeal to all players. Developers are provided with innovative plug-and-play solutions and immediate access to enthusiastic gamers; advertisers may use these to engage audiences in a contextually unique way. The owner of Nostra is Glance, a consumer technology firm headquartered in Singapore.