5 Games You Can Play Without Unlocking Your Phone

Discover five games that you can play right from your phones lock screen!

Explore the amazing world of Nostra, where convenience and enjoyment collide. Over 82 million smartphone players reside in India on Nostra, the free-to-play gaming platform on the Glance smart lock screen. Nostra lives up to its name as the only gaming platform completely integrated into your smartphone's lock screen and offers a wide variety of engaging experiences. Every gamer is catered to by Nostra, regardless of age, gender, or interests, and the numbers speak for themselves; players keep returning for more.

According to Nostra, each person possesses the essence of a player, and the ideal game may be shown to them directly through their lock screen. The Nostra Gaming Trends Report 2023 supports this opinion.

The best thing about gaming wallpapers is that you can play them anytime. Too busy to complete a CCS level? Simply pull out your wall covering. With only 30 seconds left before class starts, are you itching to get your game on? Play the background image.

Top 5 Playable Interactive Live Wallpapers

While the selection of gaming wallpapers isn't as large as that of conventional interactive live wallpapers, some truly amazing options are still available. I've therefore included the top seven free playable interactive live wallpapers that I think you should check out.

  • Toy Story: The Room of Andy

Using Disney's Toy Story: Live Wallpaper, you can visit Andy's bedroom from the Toy Story film series. In addition to interacting with the items in the room, you can unlock several movie characters, such as Buzz, Woody, the Aliens, and others.

To open them, you must gather points, which appear on the desk alarm. You can hit the door with the dartboard's bullseye or capture the falling Army Men to accrue points. You can even see the day transform from sunrise to sunset through the window, and the graphics are amazing.

  • Blox Live Wallpapers

Conundrum André Rabold, an Android developer, turned a well-known game into an interactive live wallpaper with Blox Live Wallpaper. The game's object is to remove blocks from the playing area by swiping or tapping in groups of three or more. You can swipe or tap on space to make more blocks appear, and you can rotate your phone to cause the blocks to fall into different locations. If you are trapped without groupings of three, shake your phone to restart the game.

  • Blocks Live Wallpaper

Android developer Jug6ernaut created Blocks Live Wallpaper, a tile-matching puzzle game live wallpaper influenced by Tetris. The game will start automatically after you set it as your background, arranging pieces where it pleases.

The only controls required to play are sliding your finger horizontally to position the block, tapping the screen to adjust its orientation, and swiping to place it. For $0.99, you can also check out Blocks Live Wallpaper Pro, which offers more features, including customizable colors and images, no advertisements, and an additional game.

  • Diamond Maze

4 Diamond Maze Using the tilt-assist feature of your device, you may maneuver the ball through the maze in Diamond Maze from Eelooz. You advance to the next level when the ball reaches the star by gathering all the diamonds.

  • Duck Paper

Try Duck Paper by Android developer Richard Hyndman to bring back the memories of playing Duck Hunt on the NES on your Android smartphone. You only need to tap the birds that fly over the screen to receive one point, which is located in the bottom right corner. A point is awarded to the bird (bottom left corner) if it makes a successful pass. Seeking anything that bears some resemblance to Duck Hunt? The same developer also has a full game called Shoot the Ducks.


Nostra lives up to its name by providing a variety of engaging experiences. It is the first gaming platform perfectly incorporated into your smartphone's lock screen. Nostra welcomes players of all ages, genders, and interests, and the numbers speak for themselves players keep returning for more. Nostra thinks every person has a player inside them and that the user may get the ideal game directly from their lock screen.